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Monday, May 17, 2010


There's a fascinating movie going on in HBO, titled "Frost/Nixon".
Its a fictional re-construction of a series of interviews that famous Brit
Journalist David Frost did with Nixon, some three years after he had stepped down, in 1977.
What's fascinating for those of us connected with media and PR is the behind-the-scenes tussle between the two parties: Nixon's spin-meisters wanting the President to come out all shining from the interviews, and the journalist camp trying their best to force Nixon to break down and confess to his crimes.
The film assumes a working knowledge of the history of Watergate.
The basic theme is simple: is an interview a win-win situation for both parties, or is it a battlefield where there can be only one victor?
Obviously, confrontational interviews make for some gripping TV viewing, even if they are not particularly informative.
For those who want a cinematic account of Watergate, "All the President's Men", starring Robert Redford is a good choice.
Ofcourse, Doordarshan does not have to ponder much over such points, for when did anyone see the last confrontational interview on DD?

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