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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

(Un)Civil Services Day....

Its with mixed feelings that I observe Civil Services Day today.
The concept is good, but it is sad to see how people from one service have monopolized Civil Services Day.
It's as though the rest of us don't do anything, apart from pushing dusty files from one table to another.
I do not celebrate the day: for me, as for so many others, it commemorates the step-motherly treatment we receive, both in pay, allowances, perks and promotions. Most importantly, the very limited areas we have leave us virtually no scope to give real public service.
So much was promised to us as young men with stars in our eyes, and those eyes have now dimmed with unshed tears. Its a death of of a thousand cuts, each unkind cut coming in a different way every day.
Someday, some way, things will change. Both officers and the people of India will receive justice, and good administration. After all, did not the Soviet empire crumble? Did not Rome's rule end? As did Pax Britannica?


  1. I totally agree with you. Can there be a greater injustice. The situation of other -" non- civil" services is totally pathetic. Guess , why the GOI has to conduct this exam when all they have to offer is this disgrace.

  2. just came back from vigyan bhawan function to celebrate the (un) civil day.....I agree with you completely. I would not have attened the function had it not been made an "official duty " for me to attend. I realize it more and more everyday how civil servants have become(or were they always like that?) a very selfish group of people with ordinary intelligence and inflated ego....self centred and ignorant abou their own work field . Believe me, most of them can't speak without being vague .