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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Museum Heist

Many of us would have read about the Museum heist in Paris, in which paintings by five modern art masters were stolen. I thought it would be interesting to put up the paintings themselves. Above is one of them, Picasso's "Le pigeon aux petits-pois"...its a Cubist masterpiece, and I hope you will be able to detect the Pigeon with the Peas amongst the cubes and triangles... the last Picasso painting auction a week back went for some 100 odd million dollars, so this will be atleast worth that, and probably much poor starving amateur painters..!!

That's the second one of the paintings which were stolen. The painting is "La Pastorale" by Matisse. It's done in a Fauvist style, with wild lines and rushed colours, typical of the Fauvist style. Guess we dont have such picnics in Lodhi garden, do we?

This is the third painting that was stolen from the Paris Museum.
Braque is commonly bracketed along with Picasso, in histories of art.
Yet this painting is as different from Picasso as possible, and not really like the rest of Braque's work.

It's called "The Olive Tree near Estaque", and i like the colourfulness, being a typical Tamilian!!

This is the fourth painting that was stolen, by Modigliani, called "Woman with a Fan". This guy had a life which would make Van Gogh's life look dull and sober by comparison!!

The last of the five paintings stolen from the Paris museum, Ferdinand Leger's "Nature morte aux chandeliers" that's a real cubist for you...out picassoing picasso himself. The total value of the those five painting would be roughly in between 300 to 400 million dollars , I that's what's called a true Hollywood style need not have eleven men for that, as in "Ocean's eleven", just one, and some inside help.

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