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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Uday Sahay: the other side of the coin..

Uday Sahay should be an inspiration to those who feel miserable because they are in Indian Information Service.
Here is an IPS officer, who liked being in the media so much that he spent 10 years outside his service, and eventually took voluntary retirement to remain in the media field.
And many of us long to be out of the media, and be policemen instead.....what an irony.
The lesson is simple: if you like your job, and do it with some flair, even in IIS, you'll be happy.
I'm attaching a link to Uday Sahay's blog here. Not that the writing is very good, or the grammar, but to give you
a flavour of how some of the better policemen can write:
Not bad, eh?

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